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Studio Terms and Conditions

  • Enrolments are valid until the end of each school year and MUST be cancelled by a written cancellation form by the end of each term when a student is not going to attend the following term. Without doing so, the following term’s fees are to be payed in full. Failing to comply with this will result in a final notice of claim through the Pre-Lodgement System through the Magistrates Court of South Australia at your expense.

  • I/We (student/parent/carer) accept responsibility for all outcomes of participation whether it be good or bad.

  • No responsibility will be held for any injuries, but will seek medical help where necessary.

  • Permission for photos and names to be published must be given on the enrolment form.

  • Consent must be given by the teacher/s before any photos or videos are taken during classes. There is no videoing or flash photography to be taken of the concert, please advise family and friends attending the concert of this.

  • All payments are to be put in an envelope with name and date and put in tin or given to your teacher/or paid by direct deposit.

  • All term fees are full term payments. Cancelled classes and/or missed classes are non refundable. All term fees are non-refundable or transferable and are to be paid by the end of each term or classes will be unable to be continued.

  • Arrangements for paying term fees by instalments must be made with the principal/s.

  • Please note that if payments are not received by the end of each term a $10 late fee will be added per week for each week it remains unpaid. Fees that remain unpaid for a month will be issued a Final Notice of Claim through the Pre-Lodgment System through the Magistrates Court of South Australia at your expense.

  • There are no classes on Public Holidays these will be deducted from fees if classes fall on a Public Holiday.

  • Private classes must be paid each class (unless paying the inclusive fee) or the cost per class will be $25.00.

  • Costume hire is to be paid two weeks prior to the concert or the cost will be $20.00/costume.

  • Invoices for dance wear must be paid within two weeks or 20% will be added to the total.

  • Fortuna House of Performing Arts incorporates safe dance practices and techniques as set down by the BBO Dance. If you would like a copy, please speak to the principal/s.

  • For insurance purposes please inform the principal/s if you are pregnant and participating in classes, you will be advised not to dance or sign a form that Fortuna House of Performing Arts takes no responsibility if you continue classes.

  • Also for insurance purposes you must advise us of any pre-existing conditions or injuries before beginning classes. You may be advised not to take classes, if you still wish to, you will need to sign a form that Fortuna House of Performing Arts takes no responsibility if you continue classes.

  • A first aid kit is situated in the studio kitchen and a cold pack is in the freezer compartment of the fridge.

  • No smoking allowed in any part of the studios including the verandahs and studio toilets.

  • Please keep hands and bodies of off all mirrors and do not let younger siblings near them please.

  • There is to be no swinging on any of the ballet barres.

  • I/We will wear appropriate clothing and footwear as advised.

  • A record of students attendance at class will be kept.

  • All teachers/assistants have child-related employment screening and are approved to work or volunteer with children.

  • I/We will come and go from all premises quietly and use good behavior.

  • I/We will consult with the principal/s for clarification of any of the above information.

  • Please sign the enrolment form once the information booklet and these terms and conditions have been read and understood.


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I/We give permission for Fortuna House of Performing Arts to publish recordings, pictures and/ or names of students

I/We have read Fortuna House of Performing Art’s terms and conditions and will abide by them.

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Our timetable

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